Rebirth of the Pirate Legend

Hell broke lose, literally

Our heroes have been waiting for a week while the Elitist Armor Corps set up the equipment to fish Jack out from the sun of system 9101. While waiting they have been staying on the desert planet, recently inhabited by the survivors of the battle which caused this whole mess. There seems to be a lot more survivors than the few you would expect from a few fighter pilots.

When on this planet the heroes meet with the temporary leader of Jack’s crew, James Landsford. He shows them clipping of a newspaper detailing the public outrage at the fact Elitists are hiring pirate. The pirates don’t give a damn. Then Felix spies a fool trying to take on the one named Gambling Gabe in a match of cards. Hold em’ to be exact. After much concentration the table shows a chance that Gabe might lose. So with a simple swipe of his hand Gabe tries to grab himself a more favorable hand, upon which his arm explodes into flames. The man who challenged him flips over his hand, revealing his amazing Royal Flush. With that he collects his winnings and say only this, “My name’s Tyler, but most call me Lucky Son of a …”

Felix then recruits Tyler into their ranks, and goes out to find if they’re ready to save Jack. But before they leave a man with a shady aura tells them that Jack might not even be in the sun, it’s always possible he made a deal, with the devil.

After much discussion and, obviously, confusion. James tells them that the possibility of Jack making a deal was not out of the question. There are beings from other Galaxies who have abilities that make even Jack’s crew look like ants. One in particular has a interest in collecting souls and monsters, with Jack being in the second category. A plan is hatched to use this demon’s only weakness against him, music. Then the ultimate weapon on top of Jack’s ship is prepared, the Rave cannon.

Equipped with a guitar and the insane weapon invented by Jack and James, Felix challenges the demon known as Lucifer to a battle, GUITAR BATTLE! Then, after much awesome, Lucifer must admit defeat, and then brings the heroes to hell, to save Jack of course.

In hell emotions run high, Felix gets in a fight with the new member Tyler and Tyler is thrown into a pool of lava. But right before all his flesh is burnt to a crisp, Tyler is picked up by a demon. Then, after much dealing, the demon agrees to carry the heroes across the fiery pit of lava, for a small fee. Across the lava Tyler pays up, and the money bursts into flames, which sucks for the demons.

But now they meet another demon, this one in a suit, who orders them to shuffle with the rest of the mindless people. When he finds they are not mindless the demon calls a group of ugly monsters to kill the heroes. Tyler calmly pays them off to, spending all of his winnings from the poker game. Then a giant demon shows up, this beast required a team effort. Kage mad the demon think he was getting attacked from all sides, Felix delivered a set up punch, the Gravedigger cut open the demons head, and Tyler delivered the finishing blow with a gunshot through the weakened skull. Now it was time to find Jack.



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