Rebirth of the Pirate Legend

The Beggining of a New Legend

Soon the Empire will fall and all hell will break loose

Our heroes have started on a new quest, to gain allies and prepare for the defeat of the Empire. Or they could just be covering their asses. Either way, they went to negotiate with the Elitist Armor Corps on Earth-4 to see if there was a way to keep their pirating ways still going without having to run from the government all the while.

On the way they encountered an old enemy, Captain Fish n’ Chips, the fearsome undead warrior and pirate captain recruited by the Elitist Armor Corps to stomp out piracy in the English Empire. After much confusion, a kidnapping, a quick trip to Earth-5, and some flying jumps, they had defeated the bony captain and his parrot. They were now on their way back to Earth-4.

On Earth-4’s landing field the pirates encounter another group of pirates, preparing to do some spectacular piracy. They are Jack Syco’s crew of super humans and they are going to steal equipment to fish Jack out of the sun of system 9101. And they are going to steal said gear from the Elitist Armor Corps, the same people our heroes are going to “Negotiate” with. This seems to be too good to be true.

It is, as soon as they enter the building they are under the watchful eye of a Armor who could probably tear them apart. To make things worse, the illusionist Kage leaves for the bathroom, spliting up the team hidden with Kage’s illusion and the team going to negotiate. After working out a deal to work as special agents for the Corps and they will be protected. Then alarms go off through out the building and Kage greets the rest of the group, having forgotten that he was cloaking the rest of the team.

After much confusion everything is worked out and a plan is hatched to save Jack from the sun he launched himself into to stop the empire. Much political conflict lies ahead, probably to be solved with gunfire.



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