Jack Syco Ernham

The fearless immortal pirate, who wants nothing more than adventure and freedom


6’1” Eye: Green Hair: Black Clothing: Black jeans and a t-shirt with either a worn denim jacket or leather long coat. If in a center system he wears a futuristic uniform of silver, green, and black. Currently he has no clothes due to them being disintegrated by the sun.

He seems to be a foolish and risk addicted fellow at first. However, he is actually a dedicated and understanding leader. Any who have worked with him will, at the least, have a respect for how he works, and most who are still with him are extremely loyal and would follow him to the depths of hell.

At first glance he looks like a loner who no one really cares about. The kind of person that has legends about him but no one really knows who he is. But when you get further towards the center systems you will notice that he commands a certain respect from the normal people when not acting like a psychopathic fool.

He has held many positions through out his life, currently he is a pirate trying to gain enough support to take down the dangerous English Empire. Even more currently he has escaped from a galaxy which is known as “Hell” with the help of our heroes. Not missing a beat he is now using a new group of allies to strike vital points to hurt the empire.

Jack Syco Ernham

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