63rd Division of Elitist Armor Corps

The Epitome of the Elitist Armor Corps


The Elitist Armor Corps is actually not a government organization. They are a mercenary group with primarily government contracts. The 63rd Division is arguably the most skilled and most powerful of all of the Corps. They have been hand picked by their leader Jacob Hannon. Their skill has been recognized by the English Empire and so they’re now the primary unit of armors in the Earth system with headquarters on Earth-4.

With their power, however, comes a lack of loyalty to the Empire. The 63rd is ready to break off and serve their own needs if the strength of the Empire seems to weaken too much. Recently they have been behind the new practice of hiring pirates to hunt other pirates. In this manner Captain Fish n’ Chips and the crew of “I Don’t Speak Latin” have been hired.

63rd Division of Elitist Armor Corps

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